The cost of traveling to Georgia .. the cost of living in detail

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The cost of traveling to Georgia … and the most important information you need to stay in Georgia

Through our article for today, we will review with you, dear Continental, the most important information you need in the event of travel to Georgia, as some new expatriates to a foreign country are sometimes surprised by the high prices of living and residence in those countries, contrary to what is expected, and for this we have gathered for you Through those next lines, the most important data about the cost of travel to Georgia and what special needs you can rely on in the event that you want a full residence in Georgia.

The cost of traveling to Georgia … and the most important information you need

One of the most important features imposed by the government in Georgia is that it has provided expatriates and non-expatriates the opportunity to enjoy all the means of livelihood with them according to their salaries, as the government has provided some living requirements that are commensurate with the middle-income groups of people, and low-income people. And, of course, do not forget some high-income groups who have special ways of living.

Get a free visa to travel to Georgia for a year

One of the most important things that the state granted to Arab expatriates is the ability to travel at any time to Georgia without a visa for a certain period, depending on the type of residence required, and that period may range from three months, such as the Arab Gulf Council countries that give their citizens the opportunity to travel to Georgia for a period of three Just months, and here are some Arab countries that have become eligible to enter the lands in Georgia for a year.

Names of the Arab countries allowed to obtain a free visa to travel to Georgia for a year

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Diameter
  • the two seas
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Egypt
  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Cost of travel to Georgia: Get a free visa to travel to Georgia for one year to some foreign countries

The government in Georgia makes special facilities in order to obtain a free visa to travel to it for some countries such as North America, Central Asia, South America and all European Union countries for a whole year without asking about the reasons for the visit or being subjected to any harassment, but there are some countries that have been prevented from those Eligibility for specific reasons.

Travel visa to Georgia in case the free visa is not granted

As we mentioned previously, there are some Arab and foreign countries whose names are listed in order to obtain the free visa for a year, but there are some countries, such as those from outside the European Union that are not allowed to win that free visa, and for this we will review with you now some necessary steps that must be followed To inquire about visa costs and how to extract them.

Steps to obtain a visa to travel to Georgia

  • You can enter the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the direct website, just click on this link.
  • After the recent update, the site provides you with several options, through which you can choose your own case, where you can click on a citizen in Georgia if you are a citizen, a foreign citizen, a citizen who has residency or a citizen who does not possess nationality and this choice is often for a political refugee .
  • When choosing the feature you want to apply through, just click on the Next button
  • When you click Next, you will be directed directly to another page where you can choose your country.
  • And now you can write all your information, knowing that in the event of writing false information or omissions in writing some of the fields in any way, the application form will be rejected or its examination postponed indefinitely.
  • Writing all your information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides you with the feature to print the form so that you can make a clear personal signature on it.
  • The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides you with the feature of uploading files, where you can upload the form after completing its signature for review and documentation.
  • You must have a bank account first before taking the next step, as a sum of twenty dollars is requested to complete the application process, which is deposited in a specific bank that the site nominates for you.
  • After paying the required amount, you must upload the bank payment receipt, the amount via the site, to prove the correctness of the payment.
  • Through the file upload feature, clear copies of the passport and hotel reservation must be uploaded and in case of lack of availability, you can upload a copy of the proof of residence and the initial flight reservation.
  • A personal photo must be uploaded without any frills or impurities.

Cost of travel to Georgia: Conditions for banking transactions for accepting a visa to Georgia

As we mentioned a while ago that the application form is not accepted until after paying $ 20 through a specific method that is presented to the applicant, but the matter may be confused with some people in relation to the item, as the site requests a prior account statement showing all the bank transactions of the applicant, and thus The applicant may make a mistake of placing any amount on a recent date, thinking that the request will be approved.

This belief is very wrong, as the private websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in most countries require a bank account statement whose transactions are at least 3 months old, in addition to the necessity to put all the balance in this account, confirming the seriousness of the applicant’s request to travel to Georgia, and this amount is determined for Road site itself.

The exact date for submitting the visa application.

Upon completing the submission of all the required data, please print the specified form, then you can go to the headquarters of your embassy to submit the request and choose the exact date for the interview, and it is better for the appointment to be at times that are not the same with some other people so that there is no accumulation or delay in the process Demand due to the large number of applicants.

Reasons preventing the applicant from obtaining a visa, traveling to Georgia

  • Obtaining the visa will be suspended in the event that the previously mentioned data has been tampered with.
  • Obtaining the visa is suspended in the event that the applicant is proven to have any quasi-criminal offense.
  • Obtaining a visa is suspended if the applicant is not included in the list of countries allowed to obtain a visa.
  • The most important information you need about the cost of living to stay in Georgia

The cost of food commodities in Georgia

  • The price of the rice could reach 2.46 lari, equivalent to $ 0.74.
  • The price of potatoes may reach 1.47 lari, equivalent to $ 0.44.
  • The price of eggs may reach 4.3 lari, equivalent to $ 1.29.
  • The price of cheese may reach 4.9 Lari, equivalent to $ 1.47.
  • The price of the option may reach 3.06 lari, equivalent to $ 0.92.
  • The price of chicken may reach 9.72 lari, equivalent to $ 2.92.
  • The price of a loaf of bread could reach 3.06 lari, equivalent to $ 0.20.
  • The price of the pasta could reach 1.23 lari, equivalent to $ 0.37.
  • The price of mineral water may reach 1.83 lari, equivalent to $ 0.55.

Accommodation costs in Georgia in the case of temporary or permanent residence

We cannot be certain during the next lines that the costs that will be incurred by you, dear readers, are fixed prices and can be taken in the case of travel, but they are fairly close to the real cost of staying in Georgia, as prices vary from one period to another due to the high and low price of the currency.

The cost of apartment prices for students in Georgia

During certain months of the year, the state of Georgia opens its doors to all students from all Arab and foreign countries, with the aim of the idea of ​​student exchange between countries, and due to the influx of many students annually to the specialized universities in Georgia, the student housing sometimes may not accommodate all these students.

That is why some of those wishing to reside and study in Georgia have resorted to searching for medium-cost residential apartments according to the student’s budget. Some cities in Georgia, such as Tbilisi, Batumi and Gori, have provided many residential homes at varying prices commensurate with their residents, and the cost of apartment prices may reach Residential students from good luck, to about $ 300 for a modest two-room home.

As for some unfortunate students, who came to Georgia in certain months in which the prices of apartments are very high due to the influx of a large number of tourists for picnicking and enjoyment and also staying in Georgia, and for this the cost of apartment prices at this time may reach about $ 500 Monthly, knowing that this problem can be solved by sharing some students with the house to be rented, and thus the cost price is divided among several people.

Cost of tourist hotel rates for tourists and expats in Georgia

It is known internationally that the state of Georgia is considered one of the most important tourist countries in the world, and that is why the demand that it may enjoy by tourists is not interrupted throughout the seasons of the year, which led to the interest of businessmen and the government in Georgia to establish the largest tourist hotels in the capital and neighboring cities,

Hotel prices vary in some seasons of the year from one category to another, so we advise that if you want to travel to Georgia for the purpose of tourism, enjoyment and relaxation, the traveler should make a special budget ranging from $ 245 to $ 280 per week, and these prices vary according to The standard of the hotel and the services that it provides to its guests.

In the event of a tourist recession or choosing a hotel that is not classified as a tourist, the prices of those hotels may reach between 140 and 175 dollars per week, in addition to the prices of services that may be separate from the cost of the accommodation itself, and given the high price of accommodation for some Arab expatriates, we advise By choosing one of the aforementioned residential apartments, as it may fit well with that category.

Cost of guest house rates for students and expats in Georgia

The cost of residence in Georgia with regard to residency is considered one of the best prices that many people do not find in some foreign countries, and despite this, these prices may not be suitable for some young people due to the weak financial capabilities they have. Accommodation of guest houses, which can receive some youthful elements in their homes at amazing and very reasonable prices.

Guest houses in general are small houses owned by a person, and an idea adopted by one of the families was then circulated around the world, and these houses may consist of double rooms ranging from 250 to 300 dollars per month, and this amount is suitable for the forest For some student groups.

Cost of travel to Georgia: the cost of transportation rates in Georgia

The government in Georgia has made every effort to get out of the transportation and transportation crisis that has lasted for a large period of time, and for this, during the last ten years, the state has provided all means of comfort for travelers and members of the people, as high-quality technology has been allocated within public and private transportation at a low cost. To a large extent unlike some major countries.

The cost of taxi fares in Georgia

The prices of transportation through taxis may vary according to the distance traveled between one city and another, so if you want to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi, for example back and forth, the cost calculation for taxis may reach according to the currency in Georgia from 10 to 16 lari approximately, i.e. what Equivalent to approximately 3 to 5 dollars.

As for the cost of transporting tourists from an airport to the heart of the capital, the cost of these cars has increased in an exaggerated manner, as is usual in all Arab and foreign countries, as every driver works to raise the price in that region specifically, due to the lack of awareness of the tourists and arrivals From the outside the price for the real transport price of those cars.

The cost of transportation from the place of arrival to the heart of Georgia may sometimes reach 25 lari, equivalent to approximately $ 7.51, and for this we recommend dealing with Uber companies that specialize in transporting tourists and citizens at a fixed and specific price so as not to fall victim to the exploitation of taxi drivers.

Costly fares for trains in Georgia

With regard to the prices of trains, the matter depends on the distance traveled between each city and another, so the Ministry of Transport has adopted an official website called Georgian Railway in order to inquire about the price of the transportation ticket cost, and through the site you can inquire about the transfer times and the distance traveled, then the reservation is made through Site.

The cost price for a single ticket with all amenities is about 18 lari, which is equivalent to 5.41. Although the price is very similar to the taxi driver, the matter is much better, as the mode of transportation may reach the maximum distances and small cities in Very short time.   

The cost of bus fares in Georgia

Bus prices vary according to the distance and cities to go to, as that cost increases as the distance decreases or is far apart, and one of the most important advantages of these prices is that they are fixed prices that cannot be manipulated at all, and the price of transportation from one city to another may range between 5 lari to 30 Larry, equivalent to $ 1.5 to $ 9.01.

The cost of transportation with regard to buses within the city itself may reach from 0.50 lari to 2 lari, equivalent to 0.15 to 0.6 dollars, and we may see that transportation by buses is the preferred method that is indispensable and on which the average citizen depends In Georgia, due to the ease of cost and the best services within it


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