Ilia State University (ISU)

One of the preferred destinations for international students, Ilia State University offers a variety of programs for international students and is characterized by its relatively low prices while continuously developing the quality of education in line with global requirements and preparing graduates to run positions and roles in the development of society.

Ilia State University (ISU)

Located in Tbilisi, Ilia State University (ISU) is a leading and comprehensive public research institution of higher education in the South Caucasus focusing on scientific advancement and first-class knowledge transfer to facilitate societal development.

Ilia State University was established in 2006 as an amalgamation of six different institutions, each with a long history and diverse institutional personality, and ranks first among research universities in the South Caucasus.

Its four colleges (College of Arts and Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Medicine, College of Business, Technology and Education, and College of Law) offer distinguished training in their respective directions along with 30 institutes and centers for large and small research. Terminals – Create in-depth research opportunities in the social sciences, humanities, business, law, life sciences, earth sciences, and hard sciences.

Ilya State University ISU has secured a unique position in the educational system of Georgia for its contribution to popularizing science, strengthening the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and actively implementing social responsibility projects. With the highest competitive rate for doctoral programs in the country, extensive international relations, nearly 16,000 students, and more than 1,500 highly-qualified faculty and research staff, and with a revamped research infrastructure in many regions of Georgia, ISU has become one of the most popular Desirable universities to study and work in the country.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • English language certificate equivalent level (B2)
  • Pass the interview
  • passport
  • Pass a mathematics or biology and chemistry exam for selected majors
  • Bachelor’s degree and a curriculum vitae for the MA majors

Programs available for foreign students at Ilia State University (ISU)

The tuition fee table at Ilia State University (ISU) tuition fees

ProgramsAnnual Tuition Fees
الرسوم الدراسية السنوية
Program Duration
مدة البرنامج
الدرجة العلمية
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management/Tourism3 000 USD4بكالوريوس إدارة أعمال في الإدارة / السياحة
Bachelor of Computer Engineering3500 USD4بكالوريوس هندسة كمبيوتر
Bachelor of Computer Science3500 USD4بكالوريوس في علوم الحاسوب
Bachelor of Civil Engineering3500 USD4بكالوريوس الهندسة المدنية
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering3500 USD4بكالوريوس في الهندسة الكهربائية والإلكترونية
Master of Business Administration3500 USD2ماجستير في إدارة الأعمال
Master of Applied Genetics3000 USD2ماجستير في علم الوراثة التطبيقية
Medicine5300 USD6الطب البشري

How to Apply

How to apply and study at any university in Georgia

  1. Prepare your papers

    Have a copy of your high school diploma, a copy of your passport and a personal photo of yourself

  2. Connect with us

    We will translate the papers and register at the university for you

  3. Attend the personal interview from the university

    An interview for a duration of not more than 10 minutes from a representative of the university

  4. Prepare to travel while we prepare the travel documents

    Within weeks, we will provide you with the study invitation, university and ministerial admission, and any documents required to issue a student visa if you need a visa.

  5. Enjoy studying and the atmosphere of Georgia

    Within weeks, we will provide you with the study invitation, university and ministerial admission, and any documents required to issue a student visa if you need a visa.


  • Do I need to take an English language test or do I need to provide a certificate

    • Residents of countries whose native language is English are not required to present any English language proficiency certificate. For other applicants, it is necessary to present a document proving that the applicant has passed English language level B2 or equivalent. If the applicant cannot provide the document, the university will take an English language test.

  • What documents are required to apply?

    • A copy of the proof of nationality document (passport); A copy of a document proving the completion of general secondary education acquired abroad or its equivalent; Completed application form; Personal photo 3 * 4 for individuals interested in master's programs: a copy of the proof of nationality (passport); Bachelor's degree document (diploma, its supplement or Bachelor's qualification certificate and a transcript of records); Fill out the application form; Personal photo 3 * 4 The documents must be translated into the Georgian language certified by a notary.

  • What is the language of instruction?

    • The language of instruction in the programs offered to international students is English.

  • How long does the admission procedure take?

    • The admission procedure includes the following steps: The applicant submits all necessary documents translated and notarized with the receipt confirming payment of the validation fee paid directly to the National Center for Education Quality Improvement (EQE); The university prepares all documents for sending to EQE for validation, which is the basis for registration. Foreign education validation takes about 3-4 weeks. When the validation document is issued by the EQE, the Ministry of Education and Science begins the registration procedure which takes about 14 working days. After this procedure, the Minister of Education and Science issues the registration decision that will be sent to the university. After that, the applicant will be officially a student at Caucasus International University.

  • What are the foreign language requirements for university admission?

    • For applicants, it is necessary to present a document proving that the applicant has passed the B2 level of English language or equivalent. If the applicant cannot provide the document, the university will take an English language test.

  • What is the average living expenses in Georgia, monthly food cost, monthly accommodation cost and any other fees?

    • A one-bedroom apartment in the center of Tbilisi will likely cost about 300 USD per month. A similar small property out of town can be secured for about $ 170 a month.

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    Yes, Ilia University is accredited and recognized worldwide, and has membership in many international and European organizations for education. 
    General Medicine degree from Ilia University is recognized in Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan.

    The medicine program is established on the basis of modern international standards and highlights the development of clinical, research and professional skills.

    The ISU MD program is accredited by the National Center for Quality Improvement and is accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The program is listed on the webpage of the Global Directory of Medical Schools developed through a partnership between the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

    Why choose the MEDICINE program at Elia State University?

    • Research opportunities – Elia State University is the nation’s leading research university. Students of this program have a unique opportunity to participate in scientific research activities in the field of biomedicine
    • Medical Scientific Research Institute – Elia State University runs the Medical Scientific Research Institute which is involved in the process of implementing the scientific activities of the program
    • Scientific Technical Base – Ilia State University has a leading scientific technology base equipped with technologically advanced laboratories
    • Partner Organizations – Ilia State University has established partnerships with the nation’s leading, reputable and competitive organizations for clinical practice
    • International Contacts – Ilia State University is involved in various exchange and scholarly projects and provides mobility opportunities with more than 50 European universities.
    • Emphasis on clinical teaching – during the course 1000 hours are devoted to the production of clinical skills.

    Elia State University Business School has been the top study destination for fresh Georgian students since 2015

    Training possibilities in various public entities and private institutions

    Graduates are familiar with key theories and concepts, as well as modern management approaches and practical aspects of management to solve the problems of the twenty-first century.

    Elia State University offers modern facilities, an excellent library, and a vibrant student life

    Our students have the opportunity to spend a semester in more than 30 European universities within the Erasmus + program.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration program at Ilia State University is designed for international students earning a degree to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow by building a comprehensive base of knowledge. This major prepares professionals for a variety of positions in profit and non-profit organizations and the public sector globally. The program aims to prepare business administration professionals equipped with modern knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in one management area (management, tourism). The program helps its students to develop competence in the application of business management tools, business communication being one of them, for effective performance in the modern global business environment.

    The duration of the program is 8 semesters (240 credit hours), and graduates have the opportunity to acquire a minor specialization in addition to the basic specialization. The program structure consists of a general unit – 60 credit hours, major (major) – 120 credit hours, minor – 60 credit hours.

    In today’s world, computers play an important role. PCs and servers are well known examples. Besides them, microcomputers play no less role, controlling the operation of various devices and gadgets. For example, cell phones, digital cameras, televisions, washing machines, cars, medical instruments, airplanes, satellites, etc.

    The Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Engineering at Ilia State University provides the student with knowledge of the principles of digital computer operation. The student receives a comprehensive theoretical background in mathematics, physics, information theory, microcomputer and microprocessor engineering, as well as practical experience in electrical engineering and programming. Students can write programs for microcontrollers and microprocessors, design and build digital and mixed circuits of medium difficulty, in addition to interface with digital and analog sensors and controllers.

    The duration of the program is 8 semesters (240 credit hours), and graduates have the opportunity to acquire a minor specialization in addition to the basic specialization. The structure of the program consists of a general unit – 60 credit hours, a major (major) – 120 credit hours, a minor program – 60 credit hours.

    Second Diploma Degree Program from San Diego State University – Georgia and Elia State University

    San Diego State University’s Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program offers core courses in each of the major areas of electrical engineering: machines for processing and communicating information, generating and distributing electrical energy, and the study and application of electromagnetic phenomena.

    Mastery of engineering design is emphasized by solving open problems with realistic design limitations. The curriculum attempts to strike a balance between theory and practice that will prepare graduates for immediate employment and postgraduate studies.

    Teaching methodology

    Electrical engineering students will find this program enjoyable and challenging. First-year courses include Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. During the second and third years, students will take specific courses in the major. The upper section classes allow students to put theory into practice through courses such as analog and digital circuit design, electronic materials, energy systems, and electromagnetism. Each student will choose from among technical electives such as VLSI design (microchip design), biomedical devices, microwave transmission, communication systems, digital signal processing, microprocessors, multimedia programming, energy systems design and analysis, optoelectronics, and computer networks. All students are required to participate in the “Capstone Design” course, which focuses on teamwork.

    The Civil Engineering program prepares students to design and manage civil infrastructure including water resources, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation. The program is based on the San Diego State University program and is established for international accreditation according to American Council of Engineering and Technology standards. Graduates can be expected to find jobs in the private or public sector in design or management positions for utility companies, municipalities, engineering consulting firms, or the manufacturing and mining sector. There is a strong demand for qualified engineers and strong salary growth both domestically and internationally while the local market is currently in severe shortage of supplies and internship opportunities are currently being filled during the second year of studies at San Diego State University with a joint degree working in Tbilisi. There are also opportunities for graduates to continue their studies abroad in San Diego or other international universities at the master’s or doctoral level.

    3 reasons to study the Civil Engineering program at Ilia State University:

    1. ABET follows approved programs that are positively reviewed by American experts
    2. The programs follow the American style of learning for a broad general education complementing technical subjects
    3. The civil engineering program includes broad trends in many areas of infrastructure (see lab descriptions here), compared to traditional, legacy Soviet programs that focus in only one direction.

    The duration of the program is 8 semesters (240

    The mission of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is to prepare our students for careers in their chosen field of specialization. As such, the program aims to provide high-quality education, advisory services, and student support to ensure students achieve their goals and gain the knowledge and experience required to succeed in this challenging field.

    The educational goals of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program are closely aligned with Ilia University’s mission to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge to advance science and benefit society, both locally and globally. The program aspires to achieve a high level of internationalization and future collaboration among graduates across borders.

    The program is designed to ensure adequate additional practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. Graduates of the program will be competitive professionals in Georgia or abroad in the fields of project design, management and engineering.

    3 reasons to study the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program at Ilia State University:

    1. One of the ABET accredited programs which has been positively reviewed by US experts
    2. The program provides a broad general education that complements the technical subjects
    3. The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is equipped with university laboratories for circuit analysis, digital electronics, communications, and digital signal processing for various courses. Dedicated lab space and equipment is available for senior students, who work on their Capstone projects.

    Program duration: 8 semesters (240 credit hours).

    The Bachelor of Computer Science degree program at ISU School of Technology has been developed in 2020 by looking at the experience of the world’s leading academic institutions and Georgian universities and in close cooperation with the private sector. The program complies with the accreditation standards of the Accreditation Council for Engineering and Technology (ABET), while in October 2020, it successfully underwent the accreditation process undertaken by the National Center for Quality Improvement in Education (NCEQE) in Georgia.

    ISU closely collaborates with San Diego State University, California, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Steinbuch Computing Center in developing, implementing and further enhancing the program.

    The program has been developed in partnership with as many as twenty large local and international companies including Bank of Georgia, Orient Logistics, Edison Limited, Innotec Ltd., Tolaco, FIDC, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and others, making the program market responsive, unique and capable of Providing various career opportunities for its graduates.

    Study Masters at Ilia State University (ISU)

    Ilia State University Business School has been the top study destination for fresh Georgian students since 2015

    • Training possibilities in various public entities and private institutions
    • Students become experts in the strategic management of a company
    • Elia State University offers modern facilities, an excellent library, and a vibrant student life
    • Our students have the opportunity to spend a semester in more than 30 European universities within the Erasmus + program.

    The aim of the MBA program is to prepare a professional who can work in the rapidly changing international business environment; Competitive in the local as well as global market. Having acquired a deep and comprehensive theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge of management, the graduate will be able to act as a reliable and independent expert in the process of developing, evaluating and developing the strategy of the company / organization; Identify problems using decision-making tools and effectively solve them; Become an active member of an organization / company team; To participate / collaborate effectively in a multidisciplinary environment based on company / organization strategy; Participate in professional and academic discussions and advocate for company strategy / decisions.

    The duration of the program is 4 semesters (120 credit hours).

    M.A. A program in Applied Genetics will train students at an international level, incorporating current biomolecular technology. Quite simply, the use of biotechnology, particularly applications of molecular genetics, has become ubiquitous in trade and research. Examples of how this technology is currently deployed include:

    • Detection of pathogens
    • Population control: Molecular methods are routinely used to monitor wildlife populations for conservation, in both terrestrial and aquatic environments.
    • Forensic: Molecular methods are also useful in monitoring food supplies, in the field of consumer protection.

    Our goal here is not to provide an exhaustive list of applications for genetics; Instead, these examples demonstrate how useful this technology really is, and how these applications proliferate. We intend for MSc students to understand the benefit of genetics-based technology. Whether or not they continue to use these skills in their later jobs, these students will be informed about the consumers of this technology – they will be better able to adequately deploy the technology themselves, and evaluate the information generated by others using biotechnology. Through a combination of lectures and laboratory and field training, students will not only learn the concepts but also the actual practice and procedures of applied genetics. The subjects taught in this program will prepare students for careers in agricultural and industrial fields

    The duration of the program is 4 semesters (120 credit hours).

    Degree: Master of Science degree in Applied Genetics (MSc)

    Pathway Program at Ilia State University (ISU)

    The Pathway Program at Ilia State University is designed to prepare international and domestic students interested in their first year at Ilia State University and facilitate their entry into international undergraduate programs.

    The pathway program focuses on improving students’ English language proficiency to prepare them for undergraduate studies at ISU. Alongside the intensive English language classes, which lead to the TOEFL exam, students will have the opportunity to develop Georgian numeracy and language skills, learn about Georgian culture, history and modern politics, attend a workshop on intercultural communication, and enable them to adapt to the new. Environment and facilitating the “soft start” of academic life in Georgia.

    The pathway program is suitable for international students wishing to work towards an undergraduate degree. It is ideal for students who:

    • You want to study and obtain a bachelor’s degree from Elia State University – one of the leading universities in the South Caucasus
    • Desire to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in two majors in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, a joint venture between Elia State University and San Diego State University
    • They need to improve their English language proficiency and obtain an international certificate – TOEFL
    • Are ready for a unique cultural, academic and social experience while living in Georgia

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    Preferably WhatsApp or Messenger activated number
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