Caucasus International University one of the preferred destinations for international students,  it offers a variety of programs for international students and is characterized by its relatively low prices while continuously developing the quality of education in line with global requirements and preparing graduates to run positions and roles in the development of society.

Caucasus International University

About the University: The Caucasus International University (CIU) is an institution of higher education that is based on national values ​​and constant changes, and aims to produce qualified and highly qualified employees and their integration in the national and international sphere.

Higher education is one of the most important public responsibilities. Therefore, we strive to make the education we receive at our university comprehensive, based on scientific research. Three academic stages (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs) focus on students – enhancing their talents and raising their professional skills. Implementation of research, innovation and management of the educational system with the help of comprehensive transparent tools are among the main priorities of the CIU.

Nowadays Caucasus International University has every requirement to compete in both national and international spheres.

Requirements and qualifications for studying at Caucasus International University

Table of Tuition Fees at Caucasus International University

ProgramAnnual Tuition Fees
الرسوم السنوية
عدد سنوات الدراسة
عدد الساعات الأكاديمية
Medicine 5500 USD6365الطب العام
Dentistry 4500 USD5300طب الأسنان
Business Administration BBA3500 USD4240بكالوريوس إدارة الأعمال
Master’s of International Marketing3500 USD2120ماجستير في التسويق
Master’s in Global Policy and Security3000 USD2ماجستير السياسة العالمية ودراسات الأمن
Preparatory Language course800 Lari (around 250 USD)10 weeks74 or 60السنة التحضيرية

How to Apply for Caucasus International University

How to apply and study at any university in Georgia

  1. Prepare your papers

    Have a copy of your high school diploma, a copy of your passport and a personal photo of yourself

  2. Connect with us

    We will translate the papers and register at the university for you

  3. Attend the personal interview from the university

    An interview for a duration of not more than 10 minutes from a representative of the university

  4. Prepare to travel while we prepare the travel documents

    Within weeks, we will provide you with the study invitation, university and ministerial admission, and any documents required to issue a student visa if you need a visa.

  5. Enjoy studying and the atmosphere of Georgia

    Within weeks, we will provide you with the study invitation, university and ministerial admission, and any documents required to issue a student visa if you need a visa.

Caucasus International University


  • Do I need to take an English language test or do I need to provide a certificate

    • Residents of countries whose native language is English are not required to present any English language proficiency certificate. For other applicants, it is necessary to present a document proving that the applicant has passed English language level B2 or equivalent. If the applicant cannot provide the document, the university will take an English language test.

  • What documents are required to apply?

    • A copy of the proof of nationality document (passport); A copy of a document proving the completion of general secondary education acquired abroad or its equivalent; Completed application form; Personal photo 3 * 4 for individuals interested in master's programs: a copy of the proof of nationality (passport); Bachelor's degree document (diploma, its supplement or Bachelor's qualification certificate and a transcript of records); Fill out the application form; Personal photo 3 * 4 The documents must be translated into the Georgian language certified by a notary.

  • What is the language of instruction?

    • The language of instruction in the programs offered to international students is English.

  • How long does the admission procedure take?

    • The admission procedure includes the following steps: The applicant submits all necessary documents translated and notarized with the receipt confirming payment of the validation fee paid directly to the National Center for Education Quality Improvement (EQE); The university prepares all documents for sending to EQE for validation, which is the basis for registration. Foreign education validation takes about 3-4 weeks. When the validation document is issued by the EQE, the Ministry of Education and Science begins the registration procedure which takes about 14 working days. After this procedure, the Minister of Education and Science issues the registration decision that will be sent to the university. After that, the applicant will be officially a student at Caucasus International University.

  • What are the foreign language requirements for university admission?

    • For applicants, it is necessary to present a document proving that the applicant has passed the B2 level of English language or equivalent. If the applicant cannot provide the document, the university will take an English language test.

  • What is the average living expenses in Georgia, monthly food cost, monthly accommodation cost and any other fees?

    • A one-bedroom apartment in the center of Tbilisi will likely cost about 300 USD per month. A similar small property out of town can be secured for about $ 170 a month.

  • Important information about Caucasus International University

    CIU offers preparatory language courses for international students

    The course is designed for international students who intend to improve English proficiency and pursue studies in the study programs offered by Caucasus International University.

     Through the preparatory course, you can gain the basic knowledge needed to prepare for the University English Language Examination (Level B2).

     The English language lessons focus on developing academic skills: listening, writing, reading and speaking for students, and are essential for passing entrance exams, research, writing essays as well as developing thinking and studying skills.

    We also offer the basics of the Georgian language in order to enable future students to integrate into the university and adapt to a new country.

    Through the course, students will participate in the various events that take place at the university in order to cultural adaptation and integration into the university student life.

    The course consists of two academic units:

    1) English Language Preparation (74 hours)

    2) Fundamentals of the Georgian Language (60 hours)

    Course duration: 10 weeks

    Course dates: The course starts on March 18th.

    Application deadline: March 10

    Tuition fees: 800 generations

    Eligibility for Admission: International students, who intend to study in undergraduate or postgraduate programs offered by Caucasus International University, with an intermediate knowledge of the English language (B1 level).

    Students are required to apply for a long-term visa (Immigrant Visa, Type D) for study purposes. For this, the student must be registered with the Caucasus International University and hold an official registration letter.

    The registration process takes up to 3 weeks and visa processing - up to 4 weeks.

    List of countries whose citizens may enter Georgia without a visa

    List of countries and citizens / stateless persons required to obtain a visa before entering Georgian territory

    To improve the service provided to Georgian citizens as well as foreigners, the Consular Department of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created this new webpage. It will help you easily obtain necessary information and services.

    Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The university offers a rich library, TV and radio studios, editing rooms, and a multimedia center, \

    And educational laboratories for basic medicine specialties, anatomy room equipped with modern stimulating materials, a scientific research laboratory for neurosciences and applied physiology, and a biochemistry laboratory,

     Work rooms - stimulating techniques, dental clinics for university majors, moot court, legal clinic,

    Caucasus Geopolitical Modeling Laboratory, Centers for Conflict Resolution and Career Development, Tourist Workrooms, Kulchi Cellar, Scientific Research Center for Grape Growing and Winemaking, Precision Qualification Research Laboratory, Laboratories of Wine Chemistry, Amplography and Microbiology, Tasting Room, etc.

    • Practice-oriented research and teaching based on international standards;
    • Integration with the international educational space;
    • A team of highly qualified academics with practical experience.
    • A building equipped with modern infrastructure and technologies.
    • Recruitment of students and alumni at CIU, governmental and non-governmental structures;
    • Exchange programs;
    • Scholarships
    • A diverse and happy student life;
    • Flexible payment system.

    Make sure your E-mail address is active
    Preferably WhatsApp or Messenger activated number
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