Halal in Georgia: a look at pastures in Georgia

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Halal in Georgia: a look at pastures in Georgia

There are some foreign countries that have lost their assets and civilization due to the exaggeration in the use of urbanization methods such as the use of excessive technology, as they no longer depend on natural resources or the use of manpower to establish long-term projects, and on the contrary, there are countries that still exploit all their natural resources. To work to increase production.

Halal in Georgia: a look at pastures in Georgia

The state of Georgia is considered one of the most important foreign countries that depend entirely on natural resources, as green spaces occupy more than 70% of the Georgian lands, and for this, work in Georgia is one of the most important activities full of movement and activity, where work is focused on agriculture and grazing sheep in the winter and spring seasons. Thus, the largest agricultural crops and meat production are exported abroad in those seasons.

What are the designated places that we find the Georgian sheep?

The state of Georgia begins raising Georgian sheep in the winter season, when the number of herds reaches more than fifty thousand, and the pastures for raising livestock of all kinds extend from the western borders to the borders on Azerbaijan, as for the northern parts, we may find many other natural pastures. Which reaches the Caucasus Mountains on the northern side and then descends to the south until it reaches some grassy plateaus.

Halal in Georgia: What are the most important natural factors that can eliminate the Georgian sheep

The Georgian sheep are not detained in a specific area, but the herding workers release them in the spring and winter seasons, which leads to some unfortunate accidents for some animal herds. Here are some of the natural factors that cause the death of a large number of Georgian sheep.

Climatic factors can eliminate the Georgian sheep

The Georgian sheep is released in early autumn to spring, and during that arduous journey, the majority of the cattle herds may fall ill or fall from the top of the plateaus, as a result of the heavy rains that can fall in those areas, which makes the matter very difficult for workers Pastures as it is not possible to save that amount of herds.

Halal in Georgia: How to deal with Georgian sheep herds in case of rain

Rainfall is, as we mentioned, one of the difficult conditions that the poor Georgian sheep herds may experience, as the autumn and winter season passes in Georgia peacefully sometimes due to some thunderbolts that steal hearts, and the Georgian sheep does not find any shelter other than the work of gatherings by the shepherds, then the progress to be stopped When the storm ends.

As for the cattle herders themselves, they may resort to one of the caves on a road in the absence of trucks, which can be dangerous sometimes due to the presence of predators, but if these trucks are found, it is a good opportunity to stay inside until the storm ends.

Predatory animals can eliminate the Georgian sheep

As we mentioned earlier that the country of Georgia contains the largest number of mountains and plateaus extending in all places, and therefore it is natural that these areas contain the most types of predatory animals that seize the appropriate opportunity to eliminate their prey, and for this, the Georgian sheep is the most vulnerable to predation by anyone Wolves or hungry tigers.

How to sell Georgian sheep wool

When the herds of cattle settle in the place specified for them, the shepherd selects the largest sheep that contains an amount of wool, then the shepherd takes the sheep in the specified area to shear the wool, knowing that no technical tools are used to complete the process of obtaining wool, where the shepherd uses The shepherd’s tools are primitive, and this process can take more than an hour at most.

After completing the process of extracting the wool, the sale process is planned, as this process varies according to the pastures, as there are some middle pastures that can load the fleece to be sold in special trucks that can deliver the fleece to the specified places in a quick way, but in the case of the method of selling the fleece through Poor pastures, the delivery process is done by taking care of the sheep themselves, as the means required in that case is by riding the horses and personally delivering the product to the required place.

Halal in Georgia: learning about the life of a cattle herder in Georgia

The cattle herder in Georgia is chosen on the basis of experience and not age, and for this we note that most of the specialized pastures vary. The age groups of the shepherd’s workers vary between 25 years to nearly 60 years. As for the official work periods that must be performed in those pastures at the beginning of the sunrise to Sunset.

The work in these pastures is divided according to age, where the younger shepherd performs quick and arduous work such as mowing wool and grazing operations that require very high physical capacity, as the grazing operations may take several months and therefore the older cowboy is not usually used.

In certain cases, the experience of the adult shepherd is used in herding operations, and the real problem was in the inability of the elderly to walk those long distances due to the difficulty of the road. The main job a shepherd can do is mow the wool and go to the places for sale.

How a cattle herder deals with the road while shepherd a Georgian sheep

The life of a shepherd in general is very difficult, as there is some suffering that the shepherd is subjected to while traveling, we may find some shepherds may be exposed to some diseases as a result of changing weather, and it is known in those areas that there is no shelter to protect these people from the factors of the weather. .

Some shepherds also encounter the problem of not being able to continue walking by trucks, after the end of the torrential rains that these areas are exposed to, and for this, the middle classes of herders resort to choosing more technical trucks, which make them pass through these rugged areas very easily without exposure to any dangers.

Some shepherds are also exposed to some shortage of food resources, and the state has found an appropriate solution to this problem, by setting up some shops specialized in the process of selling food, in addition to some centers specialized in selling fuel, in the case of some shepherds who use large trucks.

How to deal with sudden lack of water while grazing?

 There are some natural solutions to solve this problem, as there are many wells specialized in groundwater in Georgia, through which the shepherd can store water through containers designated for drinking water, and one of the distinguishing things in that trip is that all land corridors in the travel areas Contain those streams of watermarks.

Like Halal in Georgia: Fulfill handling of a Georgian sheep while traveling to other pastures

Georgian flocks of sheep need a lot of care during that trip, and that is why natural water tables are the best solution to take care of all herds of livestock, as the shepherd can clean the sheep from the impact of travel, by using some simple equipment that specializes in cleaning and drinking water.

Sheep herders are usually keen to protect the Georgian flocks from predators that can attack them at night, so some shepherds may have to put some wooden fences in order to protect the herds from animals at night, and from protecting themselves from these animals also the camping fires are lit So that any danger approaching them is banished.

In some cases, some Georgian herds of sheep are dealt very harshly, due to their lack of response to the shepherd while walking, and some shepherds may have to hit the sheep with whips, as he urges them to go ahead or walk in the water, and the shepherd’s cruelty may sometimes be due to the difficult climatic conditions. That makes some roads unpaved for walking by the Georgian herds of sheep, as most of the roads are filled with rainwater, as we mentioned to you before.

The problems existing between the locals and herders of cattle in Georgia

The main reason for this problem is due to traffic disturbances that may occur sometimes due to the passage of Georgian sheep on public roads while walking, as the traffic life is completely disrupted, during the period of the sheep’s passage, which runs in integrated groups, which works to stop all cars Suddenly, it may sometimes lead to dangerous accidents.

In some public places, we may see some private schools for children, and this problem may be the largest to date, as there are some dangers that could occur to these children if they were attacked by the herds of cattle, and thus this would lead to injuries or death of one of them, and with Unfortunately, this problem still exists and the government has not intervened to solve it until now.

Due to the lack of solutions to this problem, we may find that some schools close their doors during the crossing of Georgian sheep and similar cattle, but the matter may become very dangerous during the exit of children from schools as you can see thousands of herds of Georgian sheep passing by without you. Unknowingly.

The price of Georgian lamb in case of exporting abroad

The prices of sheep in Egypt, for example, may reach about five thousand pounds for one lamb, which sometimes weighs only 30 kilograms, and after the completion of the slaughter process before the final weight reaches about 20 kilograms, but in the case of buying the Georgian sheep only Its price ranges from 225 dollars to 270 dollars, equivalent to 3559 Egyptian pounds, and this is of course the best price you can get, as most Arab sheep are very expensive.

Prices for halal cattle meat in Georgia

Some Arab travelers may want to enjoy a hot meal of fresh Georgian lamb in one of the places that provide halal meals to Arabs, and from here you can search for the best restaurants specialized in providing the most delicious hot meals at the best prices, as if you order a full meal of meat, rice and vegetables, you may Meal costs $ 150.


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