Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Security and Attraction Factors

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Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Security and Attraction Factors

Sometimes some girls may want to have some freedom, as there are some strict customs and traditions that may prevent girls from exercising their simplest rights, and among those rights or dreams is the dream of traveling abroad and enjoying the picturesque scenery and wandering around with the favorite morning.

Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Security and Attraction Factors

Some parents may fear for their daughters to travel to Georgia in particular, due to some rumors that have spread for several years about some violations that have occurred to some people, but those claims have been falsified, as the state has done its utmost to provide security and safety, and it will In this article, we review some evidence about the adequacy of allowing girls to travel without worrying about the effects associated with that.

Tourism in Georgia for girls: The most important reasons girls rely on them to feel safe in Georgia

The first reason: the good treatment of the people in Georgia

There are no similarities between the state of Georgia and some foreign countries that are characterized by violence and that do not stand side by side with the Islamic groups that have preferred to reside in it, Georgia has taken all possible means to protect its Muslim subjects who constitute the popular minority in Georgia, through Good hospitality and the enforcement of laws of equality between the two parties.

And over the ages, the number of Muslims in Georgia has increased to about four hundred and fifty thousand people out of four million people. The people in Georgia are friendly and welcoming and may be very similar to some Arab peoples who are characterized by religious tolerance for all other sects, so the idea of ​​traveling to Georgia For girls, absolutely adorable.

As the Georgian people welcome all visitors daily by providing all the available possibilities, such as the generous hospitality that characterizes this people, which is mostly due to work in the agricultural profession, which makes the individual in general hospitable by nature and always loves all people, that the people in Georgia do their utmost. His energy to communicate the idea of ​​not feeling alienated outside.

The second reason: the provision of security and safety by the police in Georgia

The Georgian police began to pay attention to youth elements in establishing an integrated system for the development of helpful ideas that have contributed to the development of the security services in all cities, as a girl in the prime of her life more than seventeen years ago adopted the task of rebuilding the security services, and has already proven her worth in doing this. the mission.

The police do not rely on violence, whatever the circumstances, except in specific cases, where the police are very strict with all those who violate these laws, and they also provide foreign tourists with all the rights necessary to defend themselves in case of arbitrariness or exposure to arrest by mistake, so it is preferable not to Dealing with police officers violently and speaking respectfully in case of inquiring about any suspicion.

Every girl who wants to travel to Georgia must make sure to keep all the necessary papers that prove her true identity, such as a passport or ID card, and in the event of suspension for any reason, those papers must be shown, and the procedures will be facilitated immediately without the need to answer any questions.

Tourism in Georgia for girls: Reasons that may prevent girls from traveling to Georgia

The first reason: the spread of nudity and night girls in Georgia

Some rumors have recently spread about the phenomenon of nudity and night girls that have been spread in all Georgian cities, but quite the opposite, as the woman or girl enjoys the creation of fat and full religiosity, as 80% of the people in Georgia are from the Orthodox peoples who are religious in nature and adhere to Have proper religious customs.

The second reason: girls’ lack of mastery of the Georgian language

Despite the generalization of the English language in all Arab and foreign countries, but sometimes, and in the case of visiting the old or popular neighborhoods in Georgia, we may find some workers in a restaurant or shopping center who do not speak that language, but some groups of that community still speak the language. The mother is the Georgian language, and for this we recommend the assistance of a friend or a tourist guide while touring these areas, and it is preferable to learn some simple words in order to deal with some people in the event of inquiring about anything if necessary.

The most important attractions that make Georgia a tourist destination for girls

Natural factors in Georgia have helped increase the rate of tourist turnout remarkably for more than several years, and the government in Georgia has greatly contributed to the development of all residential, hotel and tourist facilities, in addition to developing parks and public facilities, in order to add an aesthetic touch to the state, the capital and cities. And we will review with you now some tourist areas suitable for girls to enjoy and relax in Georgia.

 Tourism in Georgia for Girls: A trip to the caves of adventure and horror in Georgia

You can take a real adventure if you want to take that trip, as it is a special world of adventure and horror located on the western side in Georgia, a distinctive experience filled with the most mysterious things ever, and the natural factors of these caves have helped add a special kind of fun and beauty, not limited The matter in that region is only one cave, but the multiplicity of caves in that area, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions that tourists flock to constantly.

Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Prometheus Cave in Georgia

You may be surprised, not terrified, when entering the Prometheus Cave, as this cave is considered one of the greatest caves around the world, which is characterized by a multitude of colors that are very similar to the wonderful colors of the rainbow, as the government in Georgia has put some wonderful lighting effects to attract the attention of tourists from all over the world.

And when wandering inside the cave, it is better to rent one of the boats designated for roaming, due to the length of the corridors inside the cave, which have an area of ​​about 22 km, and the demand for Prometheus Cave in Georgia increased until it was classified as one of the most important and famous caves around the world.

Cave of Grestskale, Georgia

Despite the global fame of the Grestskale cave, we do not recommend visiting it specifically for girls, as the formation of the cave depends on solid rocks that do not know mercy, so most of the visitors to the Greystscale cave do not come alone to visit it, but visitors are sometimes required to do so. With an expert specialist in climbing due to the difficulty of traffic, but in the case of sufficient experience, the cave is designed for all fans of the sport of dangerous and enjoyable climbing, where you can climb through the heights and watch the rivers and lakes with a wonderful view.

Visit the statue of Ali and Nino in Batumi and learn about the timeless story

Visiting a statue of Ali and Nino is one of the favorite things for girls in particular, as it is considered one of the largest moving statues in Georgia. The idea of ​​creating statues focuses on the idea of ​​divergence and rapprochement between one of the two lovers, which days did not give them the opportunity to meet again, and that story is one of the true stories that are considered One of the most beautiful love stories in Georgia.

The story revolves around Ali, a Muslim boy from Azerbaijan who comes to Georgia for some purpose, then falls in love with Nino, the Christian girl. And he kidnaps her to marry her by force,

But the boy confronts Ali with a friend, and violent fighting takes place between the two friends, where that battle ends with the killing of the traitorous friend, then the boy runs away for fear of being subjected to revenge, and after a while Nino pursues him and the marriage takes place in one of the villages, and after several years, Ali joins the revolutionaries and performs several commando operations against the colonialist He ends up being martyred, and Nino returns to live with her only daughter in Paris.

Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Visit Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi

The small castle or Narikala Castle, as they are called by the indigenous people, is one of the most important castles that if you visit it someday you will wish you belong to that ancient era, as Narikala Castle dates back to the fourth century AD to protect the city from some of the external dangers it was facing .

Narikala Castle is located on one of the high hills, which takes off in a distinct strategic location that may make you see all parts of the ancient and modern capital Tbilisi simultaneously, and if you go to that castle once without prior knowledge of this rich history that you have gone through, we will not feel these changes That happened within it throughout the ages.

Where the Narikala fortress was completely destroyed due to the wars based on Georgia in this era, until it was built again during the period between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and if you want to go up to the top of the castle, you can take the Maidan road where you see the picturesque and pleasant views. In the case of quick access and enjoying the view of all parts of the capital at a glance, you should take the cable car through which you can look at all areas through the glass window.

Visit the most famous skiing areas in Georgia

The Caucasus mountain range is one of the most famous areas that you can go to to enjoy and ski, but that visit of course may have certain times where snow multiply in the winter and some days of the autumn, and the state in Georgia has been interested in the idea of ​​establishing various skating rinks in this season. Where all ski lovers come to enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Despite the seriousness of that visit for girls, there are a large number of women who come to that region specifically to experience that enjoyable experience, knowing that there are a number of specialized experts who can be used sometimes in the event of inexperience in skiing until no No injuries happen to some novice people.

Tourism in Georgia for Girls: Girls visit to shopping areas in Georgia

It is one of the most enjoyable visits that can be done for girls specifically, as the country in Georgia has created the best global markets to receive visitors daily, as it offers its best offers and services to attract the attention of tourists, so if it wants to buy the best types of winter and summer clothes for all age groups, you should Go to Georgia for shopping.


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